Last of the Summer Wine is a British sitcom written by Roy Clarke that was broadcast on BBC One. It lasted from 1973 to 2010, making it the world's longest running sitcom.
Last of the Summer Wine

Last of the Summer Wine Trios:

Blamire, Compo, Clegg

Foggy, Compo, Clegg

Seymour, Compo, Clegg

Foggy, Compo, Clegg

Truly, Compo, Clegg

Truly, Billy, Clegg (Tom was Compo's son but was not a part of the trio.)

Truly, Billy, Alvin, Clegg

Truly, Alvin, Clegg

Entwistle, Hobbo, Alvin (with Clegg and Truly

Fun, Fast Facts

  1. Gordon Wharmby who played Wesley Pegden, had a nervous breakdown due to the fact that all the other actors/actresses were known, and he was a nobody.
  2. Michael Bates (Blamire) played Bearer Rangi Ran in the Croft and Perry comedy 'It Ain't Half Hot Mum'.
  3. His catchphrases were 'Don't be such clever Dickie' and 'You ruddy fool!'
  4. The first person to speak was Nora Batty (known as Mrs Batty then.) She said: They're takin' his telly again!'
  5. Somehow, in the last episode, Ivy was not in the final episode, or her cafe. Also, Nelly was not in the final episode, best friend of Pearl.
  6. Entwistle (Burt Kuock) was also in 'IAHHM'.
  7. LOTSW was originally for older viewers, but, as the series improved, it was made for a more family-orientated audience.
  8. The Queen (yes, the Queen) said it was her favourite show.
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